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June 16, 2017
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June 21, 2017
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first time home buyerAre you a first time home buyer?

Are you looking for ways on how to purchase a house with less financial requirements?

Buying your own house is a huge investment for the security of your future. It is nearly every adult’s goal to stop renting a property and have his/her own place to live.

However, with the many financial responsibilities and obligations that come along owning your own home, saving for it can seem quite impossible.

Thanks to home mortgage loans from banks and other lending institutions, almost anyone can own a house, even without having the cash to pay for a house up front.

When you are a first-time home buyer and don’t have adequate knowledge on all that is involved with home purchase loans, you may become trapped with heavy monthly payment obligations, which can lead to being financially unprepared for those stark realities.

That is why, before rushing into any decisions regarding home purchase loans, it is better to seek out the experts and ask for help, advice, and tips about purchasing a house using home mortgage loans for the first time.

First Time Home Buyer

tips First Time Home BuyerYour first time venturing into buying a house can be one of the most crucial and most difficult part of this type of endeavor. You’re a rookie, and rookies need to be coached. And with any endeavor, coaching yourself isn’t always the best way to learn.

You might have started to think — and wisely so — that instead of spending your hard earned money on monthly home or apartment rentals, why not invest in your own home property?

Buying your own house provides you with better stability as it gives you assurance and security that somehow, you are able to purchase something with high value that you can have with you for the rest of your life.

Rarely does it happen, though, that a person can purchase his/her own home property with ready cash, unless that person is a millionaire. And most of us don’t fit into that financial picture!

In most cases, people will decide upon a home purchase loan and pay for the property over a number of years, even as long as a period of 30 years.

Why banks and other lending institutions allow mortgage loans to be paid this long is because most houses are bought for long-term use, and houses tend to have (and keep) value enough that with banks are willing to trust young home buyers, knowing the potential risks.

From their perspective, if they default or foreclose, they’ll just take it back, and still not lose on the property. Real estate property has always been consistent in retaining its overall value, from year-to-year.

If it is still your first time to buy a house, you could get easily set into many traps that can eventually trip you up months or even years after getting the home purchase loan, and by that time, escaping from the pitfall may seem to be impossible.

In order to avoid the pitfalls when buying a house for the first time, here is some helpful advice and tips that you may want to consider to make before buying a home through home mortgage loans. Doing so can assure a win-win deal.

First Time Home Buyer – Help, Advice, and Tips

The budget is one of the biggest factors to consider when buying your own property. Of course, you need money in order to buy something, including a residential house. This advice is strong despite its simplicity.

Aside from the budget and other financial requirements, there are more crucial questions and factors to consider when buying a house for the first time.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the most common questions first time home buyers need to ask.

Should I Hire A Real Estate Broker?

the importance of real estate brokerUnless you are a real estate agent of a broker yourself, or that you have complete knowledge in real estate and home buying, getting assistance from a real estate broker can truly help you alot in home buying, especially when you are buying for the first time.

Real estate brokers know the ins and outs in the real estate industry. They can give you advice on good locations to buy a house, especially if you are concerned about the amenities in the area, such as hospitals, schools, malls, transportation, among other things.

As people who have studied this industry extensively, and have years of experience, they can also advise you on the best loans which may fit your needs, and help you negotiate and close a deal when you find the dream house you want to purchase.

With real estate brokers, you will also avoid buying properties which are valued too high and help you find the best deals with just the right value for what you will be paying for.

How much should I pay for the down payment?

The down payment for your new house will depend on many things. Some of which are the price of the property that you are buying and the type of loan that you desire.

Generally, earnest money (money paid to fulfill a contract) is needed to give the home seller an assurance that you are serious in your query and that you commit to buying the property. The earnest money you have will be put in escrow funds, as you sign a written agreement to buy the property. Once both

Once both party agree to the deal, the earnest money you provided will then become the down payment for the house you purchase.

Can I Buy a House Without an all the Cash up front?

As said a while ago, yes, it is possible to buy a house without enough cash to pay for the property in full. Banks and other lending institutions can help you purchase a house through home purchase loans. They will pay for the property in full, and with interest, you will pay them in installments (normally monthly) for a certain number of years.

However, you may need to have savings in the bank to do this. That’s because the bank or other lending institutions may ask to see proof of the savings you currently have, in order to qualify for a loan.

How Do I Get A Home Mortgage Loan?

how to get home mortgage loanFor first time home buyers, Peak Home Loans is a great place to get the help and advice on how to get home mortgage loan and refinancing.

At Peak Home Loans, they help you find the best type of loan that fits well with your unique financial status, and they know that you have other financial obligations, too. They factor all of this information into helping you out.

The help and advice they give will help you avoid the pitfalls that can come with home mortgage loans, which many first time home buyers fall into, because of a lack of knowledge and understanding with the home buying and mortgage process and requirements.

Are There Other Fees Aside From the Mortgage Payment?

By this time, you should already know that you there are going to be other fees to pay aside from the home mortgage itself.

Usually, these fees included in a home mortgage loan, include the principal payment, the interest from the bank, home insurance, and the real property taxes.

You may pay a lot because of the high interest rates at the time you applied for the loan. Maybe, too, you are paying way too much because of premium home insurances, which the creditor has included in your loan, without your knowledge.

It is usually the included and other additional fees which make your payment become higher than it should be. Ask about these payments to your lender or broker and if there are other additional payments included. This ensures that you are paying only for the fees you know about before hand, and avoid other additional costs that a sneaky financier may add into your loan.

Where Should I Start In My Home Mortgage Loan Application?

Where Should I Start In My Home Mortgage Loan ApplicationThe best place to go when applying for a home mortgage loan is Peak Home Loans.

Peak Home Loans has already established a sterling reputation at providing excellent help, advice and services to those who want to buy a house, including those that are first-time home buyers.

Before applying for a home purchase loan, they will analyze your home buying needs and your current financial situation to help you find the best loan deals according to your own, personal needs.

Peak Home Loans understand that not all loans are created equal, and it is extremely important to them to insure their clients get the best home mortgage loans which satisfy their needs and interests, and not get burdened with too many financial obligations in home mortgages.

Decide Smart with Peak Home Loans

avoid buying expensive homesDo you want to finally get your own house?

While being able to finally acquire your own home property can be exhilarating, paying too much for overly priced home mortgages, on the other hand, can be totally stressful and depressing.

That is why, as a first time home buyer, it is very important you ask for help from credible, trusted and knowledgeable advisors who provide you with the best deals in home buying and mortgage loans.

At Peak Home Loans, you are assured of getting the best deals in buying your home property and the home mortgage loan which is perfect for your home buying needs.

Contact Peak Home Loans now and take the first step to acquiring your dream home.